Personal Style
for Personal Training

Choose the platform that will improve the way you are a personal trainer, giving you the ability to create customized training programs for your clients, managing variables, progressions in a simple and intuitive way.

personal trainer cards
personal trainer cards
personal trainer cards

Explore endless customization possibilities

Create training plans by uploading your own videos or browse the Equilybrì archive.
Follow customers’ progress and communicate with them easily and instantly.

Zero Limits

There is no limit to the number of athletes you can follow

Become a Protagonist

Upload your videos and create your own archive

Enhances performance

Harness the power of Equilybrì to get detailed data analysis, which will enable you to improve your athletes’ performance and lead them to achieve extraordinary results.

Not just strength training

It also creates training plans for running, biking and swimming.

The winning combination to excel

Explore the competitive advantage of a customized work protocol designed specifically for the athlete in collaboration with the nutritionist to achieve high-level results.

Strive for excellence in every detail

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