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Videos can only be uploaded in .mp4 format, we recommend that you convert them using a tool or one of the many free conversion sites

With Equilybrì, the number of athletes you can follow is unlimited, at no additional cost

Of course it does. Both of you must have your own Equilybrì account and send the invitation to the same athlete, you can then share his or her analysis data and agree on a work protocol

Yes, on Equilybrì you can create as many training plan templates as you want. You can assign them as is to different athletes, or you can copy and edit them

You can create your own video archive with exercises suitable for rehabilitation and use the function of creating training plans in the way you prefer, for example by already creating a preview of the protocols you use most frequently

If you ever get tired of Equilybrì, no problem! use the contact form to request technical support below, specifying “I want to delete my account” in the request. We will then proceed to delete your data from our systems.